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Social Media Strategy

We understand how important social media is to your small business. Willow and Ivy specializes in social media strategy and we develop social media campaigns that get your business noticed online and help communicate your brand story.

Willow and Ivy Social Media Strategy

social media strategy


We craft social media strategies that develop brand personality, establish expertise, and build relationships with clients.


Social media is a vital part of your brand business. We see social media as a tool for connecting and engaging with your customers. More than just going viral - social media is meant to create a community of people who are invested in the vision and mission of your brand.



Our social media strategies help define who you are as a brand and effectively communicate that to your customers. We believe in authenticity so your social media strategy is tailored to accurately depict your voice, your personality, and the soul of your brand. 


Our social media strategy Programs

social media analysis

30-Day social media calendar

What To Expect

+ Timeframe

3-4 weeks

+ Readiness Indicator

This is perfect for you if:

You want to increase brand awareness

You want to deeply understand and connect with new and current audiences

You need a campaign to promote a new brand or product

You want a campaign that'll inspire your customers to invest in your vision and mission

+ Typical Deliverables

Campaign name and hashtags

Creation of visual Assets

Website landing page

Social media strategy

30-Day Social Media Calendar

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