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Willow + Ivy - Brand Design Story

Willow and Ivy - Brand Design, Custom Website Design, Social Media Strategy

When I first launched Willow and Ivy, I knew my branding wasn't locked down and that my website wasn't an accurate representation of who I was or what I wanted my brand to look like. 

I launched, however, without those details being 100% ironed out and I was completely fine with that. I was about to take a pretty big leap in life and I knew that if I focused on those details - I would never launch. So, in effort to keep myself accountable to this dream I had - I quickly put together a website and introduced Willow and Ivy to the world. I am so happy that is my story and that I didn't allow perfectionism or fear to hold me back. 

But I've launched, gained some new clients and am ready to show this world the heart and soul of Willow and Ivy. 

So, I want to introduce you to all the little details that make Willow and Ivy a brand that I am proud to call mine. 

Willow and Ivy - Brand Design, Custom Website Design, Social Media Strategy

I've always been inspired by clean lines, design elements that tell stories, and tons of bright colors. So, it was important to me that I incorporated those into my design.

My first inspiration came from my travels and my love for other cultures.  Ever since I was a kid, my dad taught me to be adventurous and appreciate the colors, languages, sounds, and sites of cultures outside of mine. And it's a colorful world out there guys! SO colorful!

My second inspiration came from the sorbet colored masterpiece that paints the sky at sunset. Ever since I was a kid, sunsets have always felt magical to me. I've collected sunset photos from all over the world, over the years, and every sunset I've experienced has rendered me speechless. 

Here are just a few of my favorites I pulled from my personal Instagram page. 


Here are the dreamy colors of Willow and Ivy.

I hope you're just as inspired by them as I am. I hope they inspire you to be adventurous, live boldly, and to catch a sunset every once in a while. 

Willow_PantoneColors.jpg Willow and Ivy - Brand Design, Custom Website Design, Social Media Strategy

Our revamped website that has more color, less pages, and is more intentionally designed to share our dreams and our brand story. 

Willow and Ivy - Brand Design, Custom Website Design, Social Media Strategy

I feel like this entire journey so far has been so magical. I can't believe I get to create rad content for some of the coolest people and brands. *Someone pinch me*

I can't wait to work with you, dream with you, and see your brand THRIVE. Thank you for being such a huge support so far. Cheers to a vibrant future! 


-xoxo Razlyn