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Brand Story - Catherine Ang

Willow and Ivy - Brand Design Story


Singer + Songwriter

It's one thing to help a friend, but it's another thing to help your sister. 

My sister Catherine has always been a singer meant to shine. I remember going to the studio with her when I was younger wishing I had a voice like hers. I always looked up to her for her talent and killer work ethic. Going to the recording studio with her when I was younger, I saw first-hand the hard work and effort that would bleed into the midnight hours. 

The one thing I love MOST about my sister is her integrity. As much time, effort, and money she put into creating her first album - in the end, she felt like she was doing it for all the wrong reasons. So, instead of launching a CD and becoming a success at a younger age - she decided not to produce the album. She knew music would always be a part of her life and that one day it WOULD be the right time, but in that season of her life...it wasn't.

Skip forward almost 20 years, after getting married and raising a family, she decided it was time to go after her dream again. This time with clarity, purpose, and for all the right reasons. 

That's the amazing thing about dreams - no matter how much time has passed by - your dreams will always find a way to come true. 

Brand Design Louisville Kentucky

With the launch of her new music - we wanted to build a brand that was true to her beliefs and convictions. In her Brand Design kick-off call, she told me she wanted her music to be the bridge that brings people from different communities, beliefs, and walks of life...together. In a world where there is so much going on - it's desperately needed. 

So, if you look closely, her logo is not only a sound wave but a hidden suspension bridge. Just think - Golden Gate Bridge. Do you see it?

Brand Design Louisville Kentucky

When sitting down with clients, it's important [to me] that their story shines through in every single detail. I believe strong brands are built on compelling and authentic stories. Inevitably it's those stories that help customers build connections to brands.

Since her music is based on her beliefs - I used the Sea of Galilee as inspiration for her brand design. The Sea of Galilee is located in Israel and is made reference to several times in the bible. It was around the usually serene waters of the Sea of Galilee that Jesus began his public ministry, which breathes even more life and meaning into her brand. 

I looked to the colors of the sea and surrounding land to create a relevant color palette that also has meaning behind it. 

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Brand Design - Louisville Kentucky